Help during self-isolation

Help during self-isolation

With so many people self-isolating there are so many unanswered questions. How do I receive help during self-isolation? How do you can get medications, groceries and other necessities? Some may face mental health issues especially if they were having problems before COVID-19 started.

Help during self-isolation

Villages and towns across the country have set up many groups in the country we reside in. I am sure there are groups in towns in other countries as well. It is a matter of finding them and how to get help with whatever your needs may be.

Some pharmacies or chemists offer delivery and are usually very helpful for those that require such services. We have family who live in another country from where we live. Yet we have been able to go online and help them to set up things. Such as home delivery of groceries and prescriptions. It is relatively easy to help during self-isolation.

With search engines like GOOGLE and BING you can do some research into what is available in your area. Sometimes local authorities can help because they know of groups that are available. That will help or individuals that are offering help in many different areas.

Search for help during self-isolation

Churches and charities are always very helpful in trying and difficult circumstances. Do not stop a lack of affiliation with a church stop you from receiving help. Talk with friends and family members. Who may be able to assist you in contacting church groups or other groups within your community that could help.

In our local neighborhood, we have reached out to our neighbours because they are all elderly. Knowing that they would be self-isolating. We did not want them to be without or concerned they were alone in an already trying time.

On our local County Council website, there are helpful links to access help with many things. City offices, county offices, chamber of commerce all might be able to help. Speak to your neighbors and friends. Someone along the way will be able to help you find whatever assistance you might need.

Stay safe and healthy and remember we are all in this together. Above all remember there is always help during self-isolation

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