About Us

About Us

When the nCovid-19 or coronavirus as it is better known raised its head, it was thought that it would be good if a site was built that informed people of facts Globally as well as in their own county, or any other county they wished to know about.

Out of this covtalk.com was built. Their vision is to build and grow an online site that deals with the facts related to this deadly disease. They want and do offer fact-based information that has been checked for authenticity and facts. Too much fake news is being circulated because of the pandemic that is causing people to worry and panic.

Talking Mark he is emphatic that fake news should be stamped out. As in the case of the coronavirus, it is not helping the public but causing unrest and damage.

Back Ground

Mark has also been busy building his online presence with Improved Internet Marketing. Mark has featured on television, spoken at several large conventions about how businesses can harness the internet to build a better business to serve their customers. He provides bespoke solutions for his clients from web design to marketing.

If you would like to know more information feel free to contact him at any time.

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